“I don’t believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person. I have a lot to learn from other people.” – Eduardo Galeano

There is an undeniable connection between the privileges and disadvantages people and communities around the world experience today.  Much of the wealth and power enjoyed in the Global North comes directly as a result of the historic and modern-day exploitation of the Global South.

Recognizing the need for reconciliation and restitution in all our relations, we promote solidarity alternatives to support people and communities find ways  to interact with the world in just and harmonious ways.


Support existing projects led and run by marginalized communities in a way that is beneficial to the environment, the culture, and the people.

ECOSOL offers multi-day and multi-week programs designed to support community-led initiatives that conserve biodiversity, preserve ancestral knowledge, and strengthen understanding between people across the Americas.